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FAQ - Questions and Answers

General Questions

  • Your company is based in Switzerland. Do custom fees apply to deliveries within the EU?
    No custom fees apply to deliveries within the EU. iSQUARED is registered with the German tax authorities and storage as well as shipping of our goods is handled by our logistics service based in Germany.

  • How does shipping work and when will goods be delivered?
    The shipment of goods from our warehouse in Germany is carried out by parcel service, organised through our logistics partner. Generally orders are dispatched within 48h or upon individual agreement.

  • What guarantee do you offer?
    Our products can be used instead of those by the original manufacturer with absolute certainty and reliance. iSQUARED guarantees that your products are absolutely free of defects on delivery. Nevertheless, should you face difficulties or if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, please contact us immediately. iSQUARED will replace the product or refund the full amount paid for.

  • Which products for Stratasys technologies do you offer?
    We do offer materials, spare parts as well as services for FDM- and PolyJet systems.

  • In how far do your materials differ from OEM products in regard to their technical properties?
    iSQUARED materials have similar technical properties compared to their OEM counterparts.

  • Which payment options do you offer?
    We do accept payment on account as well as payment via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

  • Why should I use iSQUARED materials and spare parts for my 3D printers?
    You will save up to 50% costs by using our material, compared to the OEM product. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of modularly designed spare parts with whom you can repair your printer - without the need to replace entire assembly units, thus saving even more costs.

  • Does the usage of iSQUARED materials affect the warranty of my 3D printer?
    No, your warranty claim remains unaffected by using iSQUARED materials, this is regulated by EU law.

  • Is the use of iSQUARED materials verifiable at a later stage?
    No, the use of iSQUARED materials is unverifiable.

  • Which services do you offer for my 3D printer, aside from materials and spare parts?
    Aside from materials and spare parts, our highly skilled engineers do also offer extensive support for your 3D printer: service contracts, on-site machine repair service as well as practical training is available.

  • Some of your spare parts bear a „(refurbished, exchange part)“ in their names, what does this mean?
    „(Refurbished, exchange part)“ refers to the condition of a spare part which has been previously used in a 3D printer. Afterwards, the spare part has been refurbished extensively.

  • Where can I find product manuals for iSQUARED articles, e.g. spools?
    You will receive a product manual for the appropriate use of your iSQUARED product together with your order.

  • Do you also offer buy-, sell- or rent-services for 3D printers?
    You are welcome to purchase or sell a used 3D printer via us. Additionally, we offer Lease&Print services so you can use our 3D printing infrastructure for your print jobs on favorable terms.

  • Do you offer discounts?
    With a multitude of discounts, iSQUARED products come even cheaper. After registering in our online shop, you will find all discounts next to the respective products.

  • Which offers do you make for new prospects?
    Benefit from our test spool offer! You will receive an FDM spool in your color of choice. You can then test iSQUARED materials on your own machine for 60 days - satisfaction guaranteed, you only pay for the spool if you are satisfied!

  • In how far are iSQUARED materials suitable for medical applications?
    iSQUARED materials are used successfully in a multitude of industries including medical engineering and pharmacy. In special cases, please learn the chemical composition of our materials from our data sheets as we cannot offer a mandatory medical certification.

  • I have another question which is not answered here. Who should I contact?
    Please do not hesitate to contact us via or via telephone and we will answer your questions without delay.


Questions relating to FDM material

  • Which types of machines can your ABS X-TREME material be used for?
    ABS X-TREME material is suitable for the following machine types manufactured by Stratasys: Dimension series (SST 768, BST 768, SHDM-1000, Elite, BST 1200, SST 1200, BST 1200es and SST 1200es), Fortus series (900mc, 400mc, 360mc, 250mc and 200mc), Prodigy series, FDM series (1600 bis 8000, Titan, Vantage, Quantum and Maxum), uPrint series (uPrint, uPrint Plus, uPrintSE, uPrintSE Plus) and HP series (HP Designjet 3D, HP Designjet Color 3D).

  • Will I receive a compatible chip with my material order?
    You will receive a chip compatible to your machine type when ordering a spool from us. This applies for all spools ordered from us.

  • Which colours are available?
    We do offer a large variety of different colours for our materials. Please visit our online shop to see which colours are available for your 3D printer.

  • Are special colours available?
    Yes, we gladly offer our material in your preferred colour, according to a colour sample. Please contact us for details.

  • What materials are offered for Stratasys technologies?
    Please visit our online shop to see which materials are available for your 3D printer.

  • Can your support material be used for systems working with water soluble support material?
    Yes, depending on the type of machine you are using. Please contact us for details.

  • What are the mechanical properties of ABS X-TREME material?
    For information on mechanical properties of ABS X-TREME please click on the relevant product data sheet in our online shop.

  • Will you offer additional FDM materials for Stratasys machines in future?
    We continuously work on the enhancement of our product range. New products are constantly under development and in various test phases. If you would like to be kept up to date on our latest developments, please sign up for our newsletter.

  • How is the material installed?
    Our material is available in two different options, either in a filament cartridge (as used by the original manufacturer), or for DIY conversion. You can find a tutorial for the DIY conversion in our video information section.

  • Is it necessary to adapt the machine in order to use ABS X-TREME material?
    No, there are not adaptations necessary, neither for the machine’s hardware nor for its software.

  • What to do with my empty cassette after I have used up a spool?
    Please contact us about our recycling program with attractive credit notes on your next order.

  • Which of your colours can I use with my uPrint-/HP Designjet machine?
    You can choose from our full range of colours with your uPrint-/HP Designjet printer.

  • Will you continue to offer materials, spare parts and services for HP Designjet machines?
    We will continue to offer our materials, spare parts and services for your HP Designjet machine.

  • How should I store iSQUARED FDM materials?
    All iSQUARED FDM materials are packed safely before shipping and need to get stored in a dry environment at room temperature. After opening, immediately insert your material into the cassette together with the provided dessicant bags. Please only assemble those materials directly used to prevent unecessary exposure to moisture.


Questions relating to PolyJet material

  • Which types of machines can your JT-S014 Support material out of the IORA Series Support be used for?
    JT-S014 is suitable for the following machine types manufactured by Stratasys: JT-S014 1,0 kg and JT-S014 3,6 kg are 100% compatible with the machine types Objet Eden 250V, 260, 260V, 330, 333, 350, 350V, 500, 500V, 1000 Plus, Objet Connex 260, 350, 500. JT-S014 2,0 kg is 100% compatible with the machine type Objet Eden 250.

  • How should I store iSQUARED PolyJet materials?
    All iSQUARED PolyJet materials are packed safely before shipping and need to get stored in a dry environment at room temperature. Do not expose the material to direct sunlight.

  • How to insert Objet cartridges from iSQUARED into my 3D printer?
    Please learn from the attached manual on how to load your Objet printer with cartridges from iSQUARED.

  • Some of your Objet spare parts bear a „(all v2)“ in their names, what does this mean?
    The affix „(all v2)“ refers to the version number of an Objet printer. If the affix „(all v2)“ is mentioned in a spare part’s name, this spare part is only compatible up to version „v2“ of the respective printer. If there is no version number mentioned in the name, the spare part is compatible to all printer versions.

  • Is it possible to extract the remaining content of a depleted Objet cartridge from iSQUARED and fill it into a new cartridge?
    We strongly advise against refilling a new Objet cartridge with remaining content from a depleted cartridge as this can lead to malfunctions with your machine.


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