FAQ - Material Properties

  PC/ABS Material:
As the name suggests, this material is a mixture of PC (polycarbonate) and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). The PC/ABS has excellent mechanical properties. It combines the strength and heat resistance of the PC material with the toughness of the ABS material.
  PC Material
The PC material has a high strength, impact resistance and dimensional stability under heat up to 138°C. Moreover it has excellent electrical insulation properties for electrical applications.
 ASA Material
The ASA Material is UV stable and weather resistant. It has good mechanical properties and a nicer surface finish than ABS material.
 Ultem Material
The Ultem Material is permanently flame retardant up to 153°C. It does not emit toxic fumes and develops low smoke. Further properties are: light weight, high strength, high dielectric strength, UV stablility and resistantance to gamma radiation.
 ABS-CF Material
iSQUARED ABS-CF has a 15 - 20% content of short carbon fibers. The advantage of ABS-CF is its high dimensional stability for thick-walled components as well as high abrasion resistance - ideally suited for fixture construction. ABS-CF is not suitable for thin-walled components with a wall thickness of less than 2 mm, as the material has too little elongation at break due to the filler. The look and feel of iSQUARED ABS-CF is high quality and much more noble than unfilled materials. The material is only available in black.
 ABS-ESD Material
ABS-ESD prevents static charges. It is a static dissipative ABS plastic with a specific surface resistance, depending on geometry, construction style and surface finish, between 106 - 109 Ohm. The material is especially suitable for fixture construction for electronic components and functional prototypes in the electrical industry.
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